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Down the Rabbit Hole




Professor Chris Young

Program Summary

Philosophy has long looked at a number of areas that are difficult to understand and make clear. No big deal, unless a clear understanding of these areas is needed to make good decisions about what is the moral thing to do, what we are free to do and what we have no control of, and even being able to tell the difference between truth and lies. Philosophy has long struggled to give clarity to these issues and more, but the real value to us is developing an ability to face tough problems, learn from our mistakes, and then move forward. In this program we will be looking at these issues and focusing on how struggling is not a negative. Some people might claim that dealing with seemingly impossible problems is at best a waste of time and at worst leading us into peril; I think however, it drives us to make progress.

PHIL 150: Introduction to Philosophy (3SH, GEH)

An introductory inquiry into the nature of philosophy, examining various branches of the discipline, typically including epistemology, aesthetics, metaphysics, ethics, and philosophy of mind. Attention is given to both classic and contemporary philosophers. Primary source readings form the base of the course.

GEN 101 RH: ILC Down the Rabbit Hole (3 SH)

This foundational course serves to develop, practice, and apply college-level reading, critical thinking, writing, information literacy, and speaking skills. As part of each FYE program, this course develops skills through one or two content areas of the specific FYE program. You will complete an annotated bibliography, a written research project, and a presentation.